Lyrics : communication medium

Sitting in a open place and listening to the music is often a magical thing but what about if it is only the rhythms or the tune only. You will say it is just a piece of a composition which has a all the things but can’t convey you what it really want to say. There comes the lyrics again one of the important element of the composition. Lyrics are said to be the voice of the composition which conveys you the real meaning of the composition. How odd it looks like when you are watching a television and you are not allowed to turn on the audio? Yes!! Perfectly it looks the same “horrible”.

What about the composition which does not have lyrics but only the tune and rhythm? that’s true it yucks. So lyrics are the voice or the medium to communicate with your mind and soul.

Moreover, any thing which doesn’t have the voice looks like a shirt without button. Now as the lyrics are communication medium which build up a bridge between the mind and the music. It makes our mind to think what the lyrics want to convey to him. And as the mind thinks and see what is the best and possible way to get rid of the pain and problem. And as an impact of rhythm and tune minds get more positive response to itself about the problems.

Connection is build up to you and to boost up your life’s journey to eternity. I think without lyrics we never ever would make a connection of music with mind. The only thing that connect to music are the lyrics.



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