Music : A Undefined word

Music, a word which has a not a perfect defination as it changes human to human. Every human has a particular type of view for the music. As the music is a thing which can motivate, cultivate or can help them in making their mind in a particular mode of action. Mode of action can be defined by the moods and genre of the music. Music itself is a language to communicate between mind and soul or soul to the eternity of human. It can be find everywhere by a human in any kind of form. Music is a the vital thing in the life as music touches your soul and make you feel like a smooth flowing river.

Not only the tunes that have created by the musicians is the music but all the thing making the sound is a music. If someine is walking on a seashore and if its daily habbit then it is a music that makes him feel good while walking on the seashore. All the things that is making some kind of noice and which is a positive for a person to hear it is a music for him. Just arranging a group of tunes of different instruments is just a type of music and it is been heard by the people who are intrested in having the joy of different styles at a single time. Music is spread all over the world and universe just the matter is to hear it and make your soul believe that he is the best and what it is doing is the truth and perfect for the life of a person.

Music is a thing that can never left a person altough how hard a person tries to ignore the music or to stop hearing it. Music is the only thing that never had a negative impact on the person life or mind because it had never made by a negative feeling or negative perspective. Music has lots of genre and moods but all they are made and are modified on the basis of the feelings of the creator and the feelings are always positive. It is the way of person how he takes the music but the music never made the person demoralised or demotivated. Music makes the soul risen up to the heavenb and make it pure and purifing the soul with the help of music is the oldest and finest part of life from many ages.

Like alike every tone arranged in the music is symbolic and leads you to many different feelings of the life. music is been made to make the soul happy, energetic, and reborn again. The people thinks that music is making them cry for the thing that they have lost but it is the the thing that never belonged to you because a best thing is made for you and is shortly to appear in your life and will make you feel the best. Crying after hearing music is the thing that makes the soul harder, tough and bold to face the more stronger thing or the problems that has to come in your life. Music had made everything in a perfect place which were misplaced in the thoughts and the decisions of the life. Because music awakens your subconcisious mind and make you the perfect person to take the right decision in the life.

Music can help you to get over the pains, the troubles or anykind of negative stuffs of the life. As it directly connets to the soul and the heart. It denies and refuses all the negative thoughts to come in your mind and makes you purify and pains in the sweet meomeries and positive living. Music can fill the empty places of the life it can fill the loneliness of the person. Music is a thing that can never be defined or never can be understood by a simple thing. Music reveals many secrets that have been buried deep within a person. Music makes you laugh, cry, makes you angry, makes you soft, makes you hard, makes you a person that you are never had been. It helps you to make yourself a good and positive human.

– JD 


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