Rhythms : Makes you high

Talking about the rhythms of music is a topic which also have a different effects on a human mind. It depends on the person which kind of rhythm he is listing as the person has a various option like slow rhythm or a high or a rhythm which consist of multiple rhythms in a composition. The mind sets your thoughts on the type of rhythms which is falling on their eardrums and which are getting to their nerves. As the rhythms played a impportant role in building up someones moral. As if the person is is listening to a slow rhythm it will built up his moral slowly and that will be making it so hard that it can never be removed from the roots of the mind and soul. It enters in mind and soul like a slow bug and enters so deep within that it makes a strong root of the moral the person is learning about and the moral will never be vanished from his internal. However, the person is or is not in the touch of the music, human will be remembering the moral that has been learned by the music.

Sometimes, human needs a fast rhythm to bulit up his moral that has been lost somewhere due to some uneven incidents happened in the life. As if he is moralised by the fast music, he always hear that types of rhythm only because the human needs a little boost up pack to make his moral strong again. As the fast rhythm listeners have already made they moral strong but as the things which are happening in their life just make the moral of the human a weak which human had to boost up at a particular time. Music rhythms are one of the main and important part of a composition. As the rhythms gives the base to the music composition and make it easier to remember by the mind of human. mind which is the center hub of memorising the things done by the human parts whether it is done by the external or the internal part. And mind is responsible for the moral or the will power of the person, which is very important for a human to acheive desire thing in the life.

As i have classified the types of rhythm by my sense which are – slow, moderate and high. Slow rhythms for the people who are at the begining of making the moral in roots. Moderte rhythms for the person who has rooted their morals are charging themselves to make the moral more strong. And lastly, the High rhythms which are those used by the persons who are on the path of getting their moral of life but need booster packs on a particular interval.

Rhythms are the basic and needy thing in a good composition made by a composer. The rhythms are so energized that can buckle up your mood and your mind for the tough and harder faces of the life.




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