Tune : Medium to connect

Sometimes I think that during writing the important thing is to hear up the tune of the composition and write the words that are appearing in my mind. As the tunes are the souls of composition. And are made to touch your soul deep within. Tunes makes you feel positive and make your soul move towards the eternity. Tune is another essential element of the composition which is made to support you while you are boosting up yourself with the rhythm. As in a composition every element is played to say something. Tunes are the form of the feelings that are reserved in the soul and in your heart. Tunes are the element which can create the feelings of love, anger and satisfaction in the soul. As the Tunes are the creation of the soul and which can hold you to the composition made. Moreover, it has a different and magical effect on a humans mind.

I classify tunes in to three mediums. Firstly, the soft medium, tunes which are composed using a soft instruments and which helps to keep your mind cool and calm. Such type of tunes helps a human mind to control the anger which has been residing from a long time and also a human mind can recover a lot of things which aren’t easy to. Talking about the equable medium, which are composed in a way that they are the mixture of soft and hard instrument. Basically, equable tunes are used to grow your mind’s positivity during a work. As this type of tunes are neither soft nor hard that your mind can be distracted from the work, And you can continue your work. Lastly, the hard medium which is composed by the help of energized instruments. This type of tunes can be useful to human mind when he wakes up or when he is trying to start a new thing to do in his day. As the hard tunes makes your mind stronger to take the step confidently.





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