No music, No memories!!

Standing with a guy who is in the field of music and he has having his dream project to be recorded with the same singer he was wiling to record the song. The day he was with her and while the music recording was going on the person has an ultimate different expressions on his face. his eyes were sparkling with most brightness and his mind was like wow at last i have done i wanted to do and i am recording the same with the same singer which i dreamy of and now feeling is awesome. Now i was thinking just standing besides him that what a music can make a person dream this much and can we achieve our dreams with the help of music?

The answer that i got from my soul was yes! you can! I gained asked How?
– he answer that the solution to it is within you and you don’t have to ask me again because your mind and your heart will help you to achieve you your   goal.

then after i asked my heart how can i?
– he answered “Let the mind to think the dream first and then I’ll answer yes or no?”

I asked my mind what is the final dream of mine?
– he answered “ Your heart is not finalising my dreams.


I was confused and i asked again to my soul Why my heart and mind are not giving me the perfect dream. soul answered “ Do you know you have the most confusing mind and heart . your mind thinks different and your heart makes a different opinion.”

then i just said to me that wait music that is the thing which is helpful to me to synchronise my life. Then i went back to my music room had an list of my favourite music and played it and i was lying on my bed listening to music.

What i get was the only memories which i have created while listening this songs. the feelings the craziness and ultimate the person with whom i shared it. It was a amazing experience and in return i got all the things to synchronise my life and make my heart and mind to implement my dreams of my life.!!



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