About Me


Birth name : Fenil

Musician Name : Fenilconic

Born August 10,

Live in : Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.

Genres : Background Score,  Cinematic Theme, Action, Epic.

Years active : 2007 – present

Composing background music for motion pictures, video games, commercials, etc. is my passion. I’m quite good at arrangements and transcriptions for various ensembles, high proficiency in music writing software. I offer flexibility regarding musical genres and moods, which means I can produce music with happy/sad feeling, fantasy, epic, corporate etc.

I have great experience in making albums, games, and all other projects of all genre.

Currently working as a scoring & music director for a ” Bau Naa Vichar ” Gujarati Movie “. I have also commendable skills of writing music notes on songs and themes.

I take my profession very seriously and try to put quality above all. I am committed to put my creative and fresh ideas in harmony to develop top quality production in what I constantly strive for. And, I promise that I would continue the same…www.fenilconic.com

Music Composer, Hollywood & Bollywood.

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