Invisible World

Fantasy of a invisible girl’s dream

December 7, 2018
Number of discs: 7


An album conveying the feelings of a man who is in search of an invisible girl which he is dreaming of at every single moment of his life. He has never got that girl in the reality who might can understand his moods, feelings and the love he has inside him. The songs in the album describes his different kind of feelings when he was sad, happy, when he thought that might someone would look at him in the crowd of millions. Also, the feeling of being lost at some situations in life, when he need a shoulder to cry but always used his own pillow to shed the tears. Always trying to find someone by applying a different mask on his face with a perception that might someone would like this mask or another one. However, he was on a loosing note in the search of the invisible girl of his dreams.Moreover, after every uphill battle he fought, he started making his own invisible world where he used to use his own occult powers to keep himself motivated at every phase of his life and always appreciated his imagination at the best level in every phase. Every thing was going great till the time when he got awake with a frightened heart by a weird dream, which actually destroyed his invisible world and made him realise the reality of the time and his situation that nothing is going to pay him back straight away. Just like a seed which takes time to become a tree, the time to takes time to give the things you have been sowing in your past with your actions and feelings behind it. The “Invisible World” is all about the feelings and the connection of soul with the mind while plotting the reality of oneself.

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