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Available: On 31 March 2017     

Its a Music about a girls who lost in the wood of moonlight night, she want something out there but don't know what. There in the wood, she scatterd by the wolf and darkness. She tried to runs out of it but couldn't succeeds, then finally a spark comes from moon and she got her way to get out from the dark wood.

The music is about for those who miss something in their life and lost somewhere in the it.

It makes you to forget about all the worry and get in you in some other world.

It provides motivation to get out of the darkness of life. Its heals stress out from the people and

makes  you to feel positive about life.


Moon (Original Soundtrack)

Epic, Inspirational Soundtracks... makes you to feel positive about life. Release date:31-Mar-2017 Label:9AM Studio, Hollywood ISRC#:TCACZ1703076 UPC:859720183308 Primary Genre: Soundtrack Secondary Genre: Vocal Language:English