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Release Date: 22 April 2016     

A smooth music with the flow of sweetness makes it to hear it many times.

Same touch is given by us in this new track named “ Sadness “. The music connects you to the internal power of mind and it helps you to let you know the power you are having inside.

As the the music is in sad mood so it can make you feel low but will help you in clearing your ways to achieve the goal. As the music is more over a smooth flowing and touchy soundtrack which is played with multiple instruments which denotes the deepness of the thoughts which can arrive in your mind while your hearing it.

A connection is build while listening to it with yourself and the nature which gives you a peace of mind. Moreover you will find it interesting when you will get in touch of it and you will realize and recognize many important things you haven't tried or you have missed in your life. The connection between the soul and the song will be built up so strongly that the music can heal you from your internal wounds and can make you more stronger to face the problems and the pains of life.


At the end we are going to say that "Get in touch with music and find yourself with it."


Release Date - 22, April 2016, Release by - © Arcanum ( The Enigma Of Music ) Record Label - Hollywood NYC © 2015, Genre - Instrumental, Soundtrack, Moviescore , Sadness Composer - Fenilconic