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The beasts' beats are ready to rock you. One of its own kinds, The Roar comprises of originally recorded sounds of lion's roaring, and birds' chirping etc.

High definition soundtrack engineered by background music maestro Arcanum (The Enigma Of Music ).

One of the Most Real , Actual & Original

Sounds of LION, the king,

The Most Beautiful, Natural & Rocking.

Plug in the track and enjoy the jungle right around you.

Roar, this word itself does not only speak but shouts, loudly. That's what exactly we have done for the RoaR. It takes you to the journey to the jungle, around the king of jungle, just beside you, in front of you or may be at the back of you.

If you close your eyes and listen, you will realize. And if you will see and hear, you will be feeling inside it.

Roar has all original sounds of the king of jungle, the greatest elephant and all other animals which survive in the forest.

This video is the simple showcase of the work of the Band ARCANUM (The Enigma Of Music ).

This is the quality which we furnish in the music, with the depth of music with different feelings. It stretches your 3D surrounding sense and make you the real, actual and the energetic sound experience that can thrill you.Roar is so touchy that even it can force you to visit the jungle (may be too much)......


Release Date - 1 August 2015, Release by - © Arcanum ( The Enigma Of Music ) Record Label - Hollywood NYC © 2015, Genre - Instrumental, Soundtrack, Moviescore , Composer - Fenilconic & Mikul soni.