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Release Date: 10 August 2015     

This is a tracks of The new beginning . Each drop of rain in this

tracks is the expression of our bottomless feelings for creation of music. It is a 'The new beginning' Album with crowded thoughts and our vital existence on this universe with unconditional love for the life.

It reflects the silent expressions and some unsaid heart moving stories inside the subconscious mind of a person with catastrophe. this track is the assertion of the same. This 'The new beginning' Album is dedicated to GOD to say big thanks for all their giving to us.

We all live our life. And during life, often, we see the people living, just living to die sometimes, without igniting their potential for new creation and imagination. GOD has gifted something very unique and special to all the human beings on this universe. Only the thing is, many people forget finding their hidden character and just play the role what their surrounding environment demands.

And that was our spark to initiate and ignite that burning desire in the people with something very grand and exciting for this world via Music. 'The new beginning' Album by which we have tried to evolve that quiescent and resting passion remained in the people for coming up with something very New, Novel and Global.

The tracks in this 'the new beginning' Album are the epitomes for all those new things which we have often thought in our life to begin. It includes the new beginning in all the aspects of life, starting from our existence to the final destination.

We hope you will love to listen it.

Enjoy the Life and Live the Life that is the only message in this

Album, The New Beginning....( The Enigma Of Music )


Release Date - 10 August 2015, Release by - © Arcanum ( The Enigma Of Music ) Record Label - Hollywood NYC © 2015, Genre - Instrumental, Soundtrack, Moviescore , Composer - Fenilconic & Mikul soni.